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The UID FutureMap® contains two digital parts: The Mindmap with its fifteen steps and short comments, which you soon can
load down down for
free - and the digital text book, with extensive texts on each step of the UID FutureMap®

How can you become a creative and at the same time sustainable human being ?

The year is 2015, the fatal year when UN member countries meet in Paris to find an agreement to somehow stop global warming from passing 2º

It is not enough that countries sign an agreement on top level.
We, common people, citizens of all countries would also like to take part!!!

You as an individual, as a person, as a student, as a citizen, employee and manager must also understand what it's all about… how to think and act, in order to succeed in your global sustainability work. How can you become a creative and at the same time sustainable person ?

UID FutureMap® is a private, Swedish initiative that has resulted in this program,
which can help people and companies become sustainable by learning to think sustainably. Together.

Sustainable People Create Sustainable Brands

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Human beings are easiest understood from their inside and together with other people.

Same brain,,Same brain,,Same brain,,
The human brain... strange...we all look the same inside....

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UID FutureMap® is all about value development...
human value and values!

The world needs a new, socially sustainable working model.
free, confident mind and health of the human being gets destroyed by the financial models which govern the world today since decades. UID FutureMap® is a democratic, creative model that is neither right or left. It is developed for human growth and trust. Money is not a goal in itself, but the means for qualitative targets. It's you as an individual and human being, with your brain and heart, which is the sustainable goal. As the I in your team... to become part of the work to create a sustainble future together with other people :-)

The UID FutureMap® can become a creative tool
for people who want to work for social sustainability.

All over the world!

You can soon become a creative part of a sustainable team at your work!

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UID FutureMap® can help you reach healthy profit!!

UID FutureMap® can make everybody
a creative part of a sustainable future!

UID FutureMap® helps individuals, businesses and organizations to articulate their unique identity as individuals
or as a brand, to become sustainable and unique in collaboration with other people in the local and the global network.

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UID FutureMap® is a mindmap, where you - in the program - can click on each title, 1 - 15,
to get access to words on each subject, to learn more about all topics