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11 September 2019

Thankyou Volkswagen! With ID3 you have clearly explained what everybody can do with their UID Value Base!

Sustainable countries in Europa can inspire people all over the world to develop their own UID Value Base !

EU Value Base
UID = Sustainable Competition

Every human being, at every age - especially growing children, still at
school, need an
UID Value Value Base, to inspire everybody in their
everyday life, when studying, at work or what ever you do. At every
moment in competition with other people in other groups.
Competition is a healthy way to become better at everything you do.
Competition must not lead to conflict as long as everybody understands how
competition works. It all sits in your mind, and gets stronger and more
skillful with your experience, during your life. To become a competent and
motivated part of a sustainable society - on earth! To always work for

There are currently 7 billion people in the world. 500 million of thesepeople live in Europe and are thus Europeans, unlike, for example,
Chinese people who live in China. Chinese have in common that they are and think like Chinese, influenced by their culture and
history, just as Americans and Russians are like they are because of their history and their leadership, ie how presidents and governments govern their population in a certain direction, which creates a special character wihin certain populations.

Sometimes an
ism determines the continued development of a defined group, such as the Russians for a period were communism, which started with the Russian Revolution, in the 1920s Capitalism was invented in Amsterdam in the beginning of the 1600s Otherwise theEuropeans have never been united by a broad ism Possibly with of democracy, which arose in Greece and has evolved into a core of value which unites Europe.

World wars have also started inEurope, but the Europeans and hopefully the world have learned
that war does not solve the "problem".
Peace has, over time, become a foundation of values that unites
Europe's countries.

In Europe, in recent years, attempts have been made to create an Union, which until now is
the EU; the European Union. This union
today has cracks, which are visible in several countries, where it now seems like one of the countries; Britain, wants to leave its membership. The simple reason seems to be the bureaucracy
trying to control the EU. The EU could unite in peace and democracy,
if the EU chooses to develop a common core values core values
that could then be introduced; implemented among the 500 million
people who live, study and work in Europe!

ID Futuremap is a program that could be used in all European
countries, to create a common value bas throughout Europe.

is a concept which recently has become popular in

is found all over the world, big and small.
Competition has two sides, Competition can both destroy and build.
Sometimes competition can create harmful stress, which you can
learn to avoid, if you make sure to train the leaders who exist in all
companies and organizations, such as councils , regions and
Sustainable competition can become a goal for
Europe, which can be achieved with education, from the primary
schools up to the university level!

UID Futuremap
will be developed into an app that can be made
available to all stakeholders in Europe.

Yes, it is an infinitely large project, but it could create inspiration and
followers around the world and get great healthy effects. When and
where do we start?

15 July 2019
EU Value Base

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From Blurity to Clarity !


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The Education program UID Futuremap is developed by the Swedish copywriter and designer. Håkan Lagergren ,who published the award winning book "Varumärkets inre värden" (The inner values of a brand ) in 1998

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Vision: Sustainable people grow further with their UID Value Base!

UID Futuremap ™ Future vision

All people, young and old, need a sustainable vision of the future,in order to be able to participate in the necessary work to develop
a sustainable future, which neither damages our environment nor us people.Obviously, we all need to worry about and worry about the world's climate, but no one gets sick, or breaks down their concerns.

UID Futuremap ™ is a program that in seven steps can create a
dialogue between people in schools, universities, companies andorganizations of all sizes and contexts
A sustainable value base, for all, is the first goal.
Greta Tunberg

What does competition mean?

From the small school and throughout life, people all over the world
get used to competing with other people - about everything.
Sometimes it is about trifles, sometimes it is an important sporting
competition, where all participants trained for several years before
the deciding final.
Companies in all industries compete with others to sell their services or goods, to gain market share and to sell more,
perhaps better goods and services than their competitors.In history, the world has developed through sometimes fierce competition, until today, as more and more people realize that we cannot continue to blame on competition to create growth.

the world and man cannot stop competing. We shall not do that, when competition and competition are useful and necessary, for the development of people and innovations. All people and all activities in the world would be much better off Welearn early in life that competition is beneficial and developing. And that it is not just one who can win. Everyone can win by learning sustainable competition. From the small school and up. All people must learn that it doesn't pay to cheat. One can win a sports competition
through cheating, but how fun is it for the rivals! Or for the one who
has won by cheating?

The above reasoning applies to everyone in the world. If we should build a sustainable world, to be able to live on the planet earth, we must learn in all parts of society us to live and work withsustainable competition as a fruitful rule.

Think of Greta Tunberg's "climate call!

Choose your core values as below:

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