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11 september 2019

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Design team

I have 45 Years solid Consultancy Experience in helping Businesses and organisations
to Develop and Express their Identities through Efficient Communication, Concept and Product Design.

Viking Country

Welcome to Viking Country...
Come closer to Nature through History!

Viking Friendship is a symbol was designed (by Håkan Lagergren) to express Nordic/Scandinavian Identity, used, when working on a
program , from 1984 and onwards to communicate
Viking Country as a tourist destination...for people from from the whole world!

I have worked as a copywriter, designer and innovation advisor for many widely different organisations in Europe for 45 years. Sometimes as a small "nobody in the beginning of a relation with a new client. Sometimes as the centre of the whole business development, often leading to new sucessful products, with everybody involved in the whole organisation...
AGA Trivet

In the 1980s I was commissioned by AGA Ltd, the manufacturer ot the famous AGA Stove,
to design a trivet for all owners of the AGA Stove. I came up with the solution as above!


In the 1980s I was involved/ commissioned the large Swedish ball bearing manufacturer SKF, in the development of a patented ski binding: the BOX binding.
A fantastic experience !!!!!


New Toothbrush

ErgoClean Mouth and teeth cleaner. An innovation I´ve been working on since 1984... I am now looking for a partner who can and like to manufacture and distribute this unique innovation - all over the world !

Which is the Value Base of Volvo Cars?

Has everybody within the Volvo Cars organisation
understood the Volvo Cars Core Values?

PG Gyllenhammar had for several years been the head the Head of Volvo Cars. He was a hero among the Swedish population; a wellknown Swedish business leader, when he was replaced by Sören Gyll in in a coup in the 1990s - who gave the New Volvo Design Manager, Peter Horbury all his support, when he wrote me a letter in 1984, to thank me for all advice I had presented in meeting with Peter Horbury...
If you send me an email: to me;, I can send you a copy of the letter from
Sören Gyll, By then the CEO of Volvo Cars!
A business which had by the been bought by Chinese stakeholders in 2010.